For the first kava bar on Cleveland’s east side, the owners envisioned a peaceful space to nourish mental health by offering non-alcoholic drinks and community wellness events. Beverage drinkers linger for deep meaningful conversations in the welcoming environment with a tropical and bohemian flair. The space has become the center point of a strong community that not only brings in daily revenue from beverages, but flexes for open mic nights, book clubs, and sound baths. A big task for a small space, Slate Interiors Studio used calm colors and flexible seating options to achieve the community oasis.

Young Design Studio 

Collaboration with

Willoughby, Ohio



Project type

Kava Sol

Boho Restaurant Interior Design northeast ohio

– Lindsay Kronk, Owner

“Thank you for all your vision and support during our buildout. Wouldn’t be what it is without you!” 

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