From concept exploration to implementation documentation and oversight, we help you take ideas to reality. Here’s what you can expect. 

With you from concept to completion 

The Experience

  • Moodboard
  • Brand Exploration Session
  • Site Visit
  • Concept Layout 
  • Three Dimensional Explorations
  • Concept Proposal: Lighting Concept, Furniture Concept, Color Concept


Deep Brand Exploration 

Step 1

  • Floor Plan
  • Fixture and Furniture Selection & Placement
  • Industry-Informed Material Selection
  • Visual Renderings 


Detailed Design Development

Step 2

  • Design Concept
  • Construction Plans 
  • Millwork Details
  • Material Specifications


Done-for-you Implementation Documents

Step 3

“Bridget has been amazing to work with on every level.”

This varies project by project. Most projects take roughly 12 weeks to work through the design process. 

How long does the design work for a project take?

As soon as possible! Looking for a new space? We can help with test fits to ensure you meet all your program to enable you to make a confident decision before signing on the dotted line. 

When is the best time in a project to engage you?

The Interior Design Transformation Experience starts at $10,000. After we hop on a discovery call and discuss project size and your exact needs, a custom proposal will be sent. 

What price point do your packages start at?

My favorite question! Decorating is the furnishing or adorning of a space. An Interior Designer goes beyond developing color palettes and applies knowledge to create environments that are functional, safe, and adhere to building codes. So with a formal education and decade of experience, we make it functional + pretty. 

What is the difference between an interior designer and decorator?

Frequently Asked Questions

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