Goodkind Coffee in Lakewood, Ohio recognized the need for a brand makeover to better align with its evolving company image. Situated within a charming, historic building in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, the cafe boasts expansive front windows that offer a welcoming glimpse into its interior. The primary goal was to optimize seating options to attract a broader customer base. Our dedicated design team introduced an array of seating areas, each thoughtfully designed to cater to various customer preferences, whether it be for social interactions or moments of solitude. The space was illuminated with bright lighting and adorned with wall finishes, artfully juxtaposed with vintage elements like floral wallpaper and metal accents.

This transformation not only rejuvenated Goodkind Coffee's identity, but also created an environment that significantly improved the consumer experience. The new space has become a popular subject for Instagram posts from satisfied customers.

Lakewood, OH



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Goodkind Coffee


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